The challenges in the Signature Case method are based on real-world data and actual events. For the first time, your students will get to step into the shoes of an executive team. In the past, they could learn about the decisions others have made. Now they can live them.


92% of students preferred our game to the traditional case method.

Our method has been tested to show that no facilitator instruction is required for students to play the game. There is no need to waste precious class time.

We designed the product to be as simple to use as a modern game, but the underlying mechanics are anything but simple. Whereas traditional simulations had one “right” answer, our game design allows students to make literally millions of different combinations of decisions. For the first time, students can engage their critical thinking rather than Googling for answers.

Perhaps this is why more than 3 out of 4 students recommended that their professors replace a portion of their current curriculum to adopt The Signature Case.

Our first case deals with business leadership. In our game, students tackle business crises, as well as explore their own leadership style as part of a multiplayer executive team. At the end of the game, students will receive a leadership report based on the decisions they made in the game.

The University of Colorado analyzed data from over 6,450 trainees, in dozens of studies, showing that games provide 11% more factual knowledge, 14% more skill-based knowledge, and a 9% higher retention rate than comparison groups. Our business game, then, is a solution to increase engagement and learning. You won’t have to compete with students’ smart phones for their attention!


Still unsure about games? Consider this: More than twice as many people in the world play games than speak English. By the time your students have started university, 90% will have spent as much time playing games as they did attending middle school and high school combined.

White Paper

White Paper

Students prefer The Signature Case

White Paper

Student Testimonials:

  • Here is what some students had to say about the game:

    “I had never done that (simulation) before. It was very interactive and our team was very involved. We didn’t realize how time flew by!”

    – Navin

  • Here is what some students had to say about the game:

    “I think its a really great way for people who are new to business or trying to learn about different businesses, it enhances their skills. It’s just a great program and should be implemented in all business schools.”

    – Hyun

  • Here is what some students had to say about the game:

    “It’s a great way to delve into the business world and see what all the top people have to deal with.”

    – Jonathan 

  • Here is what some students had to say about the game:

    “As a Business student, I can see the merits and the possibility this thing has. I wish it was my Capstone and incorporated into classrooms.”

    – Dawkins

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