A Seattle area software company that produces a business game for college students extends its relationship with Penn State University.

Recurrence (http://www.recurrenceinc.com), a software startup that is revolutionizing the way teamwork and critical thinking skills are taught in higher education, has expanded its relationship with Penn State University.

“This serves as validation that our product is meeting and exceeding expectations,” says Rob Savette, COO of Recurrence. “Penn State is one of the best universities in the world, and we are thrilled to learn that our game is keeping students and professors happy.”

Recurrence delivers a business simulation, called The Signature Case Study, in which students enact high-level executive roles, such as CEO or CFO, as they guide an airline through a series of challenges, each of which is based on real-world data. Working as a team, students make crucial decisions, from business strategy to budgeting, that determine the fate of the airline. Furthermore, the business simulation is easy for instructors to implement and students to use.

“I first implemented The Signature Case Study last fall in my graduate-level leadership class,” says John J. Sosik, a Professor of Management and Organization at Penn State’s Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies located in suburban Philadelphia.

“The students’ experience was so positive – because they learned while having fun – that I chose to use the game again this spring. The game is a great tool that brings leadership styles to life for students. They experience virtually what they are learning in the course readings, debates, and discussions.”

This is Dr. Sosik’s second semester of using The Signature Case Study, and students agree with Dr. Sosik’s enthusiasm. One commented: “I really enjoyed the Recurrence Inc. group game. I thought that it was helpful in retaining the information and terminology taught in the course by the professor. It provided real-time results and provided real-life crises that aren’t typically taught in other MBA classes.”

Recurrence has had numerous major successes recently, and the business simulation is quickly being adopted across the country. Many colleges and universities – such as the University of Washington, University of Colorado, and Florida International University – have implemented the game in classrooms as large as 600 students. Altogether, more than 6,000 students have completed the game or will finish it in the coming months.