Seattle area start-up adds another major Midwestern business program to its rapidly expanding client base, as its product continues to be adopted nationwide.

Recurrence (, a software startup that is revolutionizing the way business, leadership, and critical thinking skills are taught in higher education, has added Wright State University, located in Dayton, Ohio, to its rapidly growing list of clients.

“We’re super excited that our product is gaining traction across the country,” Recurrence COO Rob Savette said. “We launched our game here in Seattle, and it’s great seeing so many schools across America sign up.”

The company has developed a business simulation, called The Signature Case Study, in which students enact various high-level executive roles, such as CEO or CFO, as they guide an airline through a series of challenges and crises, each of which is based on real-world data.

Working as a team, students make crucial decisions, from business strategy to budgeting, that will determine the fate of the airline. Furthermore, the business simulation is easy for instructors to implement and students to use.

“As a professor who desires to help students realize their potential, I look for course materials that not only support what I teach, but enable my students to process what they are learning in ways that create meaning and understanding for them,” said Rachel Sturm, an assistant professor of management and international business at Wright State. This is her second consecutive semester using The Signature Case Study with her upper-level undergraduate management students.

Dr. Sturm’s students are equally elated. One remarked, “When doing the simulation, each executive must make a decision, but as our team quickly realized, each decision you make can affect another executive’s decision. It is one thing to discuss the importance of collaboration—everyone knows that collaboration can lead to better and more effective ideas—but the simulation made it really come to life.”

Testimonials like that make Rob Savette smile. “Helping students learn by making textbook knowledge real and alive and engaging is what Recurrence is all about. Using fun gaming technology, we’re helping develop tomorrow’s leaders.”

The business simulation is currently used in many other prestigious universities across the nation, such as the University of Washington, the University of Colorado (Boulder), Penn State University, and Florida International University.