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Recurrence is a software company on the cutting edge of gamification. We are revolutionizing higher education by transforming boring classroom content into deeply engaging, interactive games.

Our first product replaces traditional pencil-and-paper cases with an online business game. Students will collaborate to navigate a business through strategic challenges and unexpected crises. The images on the right are screenshots from the simulation.



Meet Our Growing Team


Brayden Olson

CEO & Co-Inventor

With eight years as a designer and four as a studio head, Brayden Olson has been recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of five “Startup Idols,” was the youngest entrepreneur ever inducted into the Seattle Chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, and was selected by the City of Bellevue as the Young Professional of the Year. Huffington Post also ranked his work between the iPad and Gmail as one of the most important Innovations of the Year for 2011, the year after Olson graduated from university.

Bruce Avolio

Director & Co-Inventor

Author of more than 150 published articles and 11 books, Dr. Bruce Avolio is recognized by mainstream media and academia alike as one of the nation’s top scholars on transformational and authentic leadership. His academic honors include being named a Fellow of the Academy of Management, the American Psychological Society, the American Psychological Association and the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, among others.

Chelley Patterson

Academic Consultant

Dr. Chelley Patterson has 30 years’ experience working with domestic and global, private and not-for-profit organizations focusing on innovative team performance, leadership development, change management, and strategic planning. She is Director of Research and Development at the Center for Leadership and Strategic Thinking at the University of Washington.

Alex Berezow

Business Manager/Asst Game Designer

Dr. Alex Berezow is a professional writer and editor. He has co-authored a popular science book that sold more than 5,000 copies, and his work regularly appears in USA Today, The Economist, and RealClearScience. At Recurrence, he manages business operations and is responsible for writing and editing case studies, as well as assisting with game balancing.

Eeshan Kumar

Senior Engineer

With over 10,000 hours of experience, Eeshan Kumar writes straightforward code, loves finding elegant solutions to complex problems, and ranked in the top 5% in a regional coding challenge. He is also the best Monopoly Deal player in the company. 

Wing Cho

 Senior Designer

Wing is a former lead game designer for Nintendo and Rockstar Games. With over 17 years of AAA video game development experience, he has shipped 17+ titles which have sold over 12 millions copies in total. Wing is interested in using his unique talents to bring gaming into the classroom.

James Silvers

Senior Artist

James combines traditional training in the fine arts and media design with hands-on experience creating assets for 25 award winning Nancy Drew video games, delivering on deadline. He is known for finding creative solutions to problems, nimbleness, flexibility and consistently acquiring any skills necessary to reach goals. He is a passionate artist, seasoned video editor and designer who excels at collaborating to co-create excellence that delights customers.

Gregory Heaston 

Key Accounts Manager

Greg is our Key Accounts Manager and has more than 20 years of experience in sales, account management, and customer support. Coming most recently from Amazon.com, he brings the same level of outstanding service they are known for delivering to our clients. Prior to Amazon, he worked for more than eight years in education and has received multiple awards for sales, customer retention, and leadership.

John Hockett

Junior Engineer

Previously with HBO, John helped write tolls that decreased process times by 80%. At Recurrence, he helps make sure the game you play never crashes. He is also an avid gamer that’s excited to join the world of game development. He studied computer science at Binghamton University in New York and enjoys solving complex problems.


Namrata Lamba

Business Intern

Namrata Lamba is a Master of Science candidate in information management at the University of Washington. At Recurrence, she performs business and market research and assists with game design.


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