Our Signature method, used in more than 50 leading universities, puts users into a lifelike role within a gaming simulation model of your company. Let thousands of users, at any level of your organization, demonstrate behaviors and competencies that will identify high potential talent in a way never before possible.


Give your students the 21st century case study. Allow them to step into the shoes of real executives within real companies. Students will learn through immersive experiential learning as never before. In the past, they could learn about what others have done. Now they can live those experiences. While they learn, their in-simulation decisions will help them learn about themselves as well.


We serve two industries with one mission: crush the chasm between talent and opportunity.

We apply cutting edge, propriety technology to allow our partners to take the next logical jump forward to identify and develop high potential talent in boardrooms and classrooms.

That technology was developed through three years of research and development with the Center for Leadership and Strategic Thinking at the University of Washington, the help of a National Science Foundation grant and two more years of rigorous testing in more than 50 prestigious universities from around the world. Now, it’s ready for you.

In enterprise, we use our Signature Case platform to identify talent based purely on their decisions and behaviors within interactive simulation of your organization. In doing so, we help you find high potential talent that would go unnoticed with traditional methods in a way no one else can.

We aren’t a pre-phone screen digital survey. We aren’t a slick new competency model some consultants dreamed up. We are a product that brings your company, your content and your models to life. Then, our system observes, analyzes and reports the demonstrated performance of users back to you in real-time.

In university, we provide those same realistic experiences, based on real world data, to students. We put students in the shoes of executives to live through their own decisions not merely learning about what someone once did. In short, 21st century experiential learning.

In a multiplayer, interactive environment, they learn from doing. As an executive team, students navigate real challenges and with each decision they learn more about the modern business world and themselves. At the end, they receive a report helping them identify their leadership, connect with resources to further develop it and continue their growth beyond the classroom.

The Signature process can use the same product in both markets at the company’s discretion. The company’s gamulation can be used exclusively internally or put your brand in front of thousands of student learners.

Our team brings decades of expert experience from academia, enterprise and the gaming industry to ensure state of the art technology, academic rigor and the needs of your organization are the backbone of our company.


In a controlled blind experiment, 96% of users reported more engagement, better teamwork and greater understanding with our method.
In our first year, we saw 4x as many schools adopt our platform as Coursera in their first year.
So far, we have had 100% retention of all clients who have used our platform. Let’s keep it up!


Our co-inventors have been recognized as top academic and gamification leaders in:

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