Give your students the 21st century case study. Allow them to step into the shoes of real executives within real companies. Students will learn through immersive experiential learning as never before. In the past, they could learn about what others have done. Now they can live those experiences. While they learn, their in-simulation decisions will help them learn about themselves as well.


Our technology was developed through three years of research and development with the Center for Leadership and Strategic Thinking at the University of Washington, the help of a National Science Foundation grant and two more years of rigorous testing in more than 50 prestigious universities from around the world. Now, it’s ready for you.


In a controlled blind experiment, 96% of users reported more engagement, better teamwork and greater understanding with our method.
In our first year, we saw 4x as many schools adopt our platform as Coursera in their first year.
So far, we have had 100% retention of all clients who have used our platform. Let’s keep it up!


Our co-inventors have been recognized as top academic and gamification leaders in:

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